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Jona Piehl

Posted on: March 31, 2011


Jona Piehl

Land Design Studio

Stories told in a spacial context

Studied: Creative Practice for Narrative environments

Content lead- just finding the right way to tell the particular story.

The different situation of a project will provide you with a different entry point.
Visuals, materials, Era you’re replicating, media relating to it etc.

Use illustrations and time lines. Codas to make the exhibits make sense.


Work closely with the curator.

similar outcomes for all projects.
With graphics you’re aiming for:
content is clear
Open for everybody
Clear. Main aim is to get the story across.

Graphics can serve as an additional layer of information
Graphics can be the storyteller, the atmosphere maker, decoration…

Use the topic as a catalyst for the graphics. It has to be specific to the work you’re exhibiting, but at the same time a broad enough concept that it can be made into 500 different pieces.
Graphics should help tell the story, not take away from it.
Graphics can also be representative of the timeline.

Concept- present idea. Share how you can extract elements from the one idea to create a large number of graphic items.
Explore that concept. Concept has to be solid enough for 500 pieces of graphics and none of them be boring. In the same way, set up certain rules and generic things so that you don’t have to come up with a brand new idea for every piece.
Set up idea and then set up systems from it. You should be so familiar with the systems that if another piece is asked for, you will know how it should look.

Visual language can extend all boundaries. Pictograms.

Concept is a sketch. You want the discussions about it to be centred around the idea and concept, not on the technicalities of the exhibit.
You want to trigger inspiration and the WHOLE visual concept.

Next stage is testing if things work from the concept you’ve suggested.

Then you’ll get real images and text and you amend and tweak and always stay in constant communication with the project organisers and curator.
Interative Process
Everybody is part of the process.


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