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Simon Waterfall Lecture: Response

Posted on: March 10, 2011

I’ve been watching through Simon’s lecture and keep getting new bits of information each time! It’s interesting how I heard things I agree with first, before other things I hadn’t considered before. For example, one of the main messages I got from the lecture was to learn, learn, learn! Simon himself did a lot of formal learning, but is also continually learning from the people he’s collaborated with.
Learning is one of my passions, so that’s something that really struck a cord with me, and that I’ve taken from the lecture.

One of the things Simon mentions over and over again is about telling stories, so I hope that I too can tell stories with the projects in this course. Kate, it so interesting what you said about achieving goals rather then going with what you know.

Kate Dooley – Postgrad Student – Mon 7 Mar 2011 – 14:05 EST

This suggests that as long as you’re open-minded and ready to learn, picking disciplines to work with should be more about achieving goals than ensuring that you go with what you know.

At first when I read your comment I was confused, because I understood what he was saying to be the exact opposite, but the more I thought about it, I realised where you were coming from, and agree.

When I’d first listened to the lecture I’d understood that starting from your passions/knowledge area was the best way to proceed. But you’re right- once you come up with an end goal/project what you know shouldn’t influence that. Just get in people who DO know about that area!!

Rachel Newman – Postgrad Student – Sun 6 Mar 2011 – 18:41 EST

He spoke about a diversity in the collaborative team to ensure the creation of something “new”. I think this is a valid point that struck me. The label ‘Social Suicide’ shows such bravery in design, by taking inspiration from unconventional places and creating something no one has been brave enough to do before in the commercial environment. Taking risks.

Rachel, this was a big thing that i took away from the lecture as well- diversity I think is really critical. I know this to be true even from other interactions I’ve had. If my husband and I are both working on websites together, then it just ends in conflict, because we both know what we’re doing, but our levels of skills clash.
If we’re working together on something cros-disciplinary, like a clock we made together, then we both just use our individual skills, and appreciate what the other person contributes!!

Briefly discuss how the video might inform or influence your thinking on which two creative disciplines you want to work with during this Core course.

The lecture has made me thinking about who I know with skills I don’t have, and how I can call on them to work with my on a project, or at least learn from them. It has also prompted me to look at the creative areas I’m already interested in as one of the disciplines. I got the impression from Simon’s lecture that passion and interests played a big part in successful projects, and can add a point of difference.

Does the video raise questions about the relationships between disciplines you may be considering?

I think it has just made me realise that the two disciplines need to work together, but have a unique perspective. I don’t think there are limits to what you can choose, in fact, I think creativity is really important in choosing disciplines. Therefore, I think you can choose more ‘common’ disciplines and have a really creative project. It’s about what you do with the disciplines, not so much the disciplines themselves.

Reflect on which two disciplines you would like to work with during the course.

Based on Simon’s lecture I am starting by looking at my passions, and areas of interest.
Patchwork, sewing, quilting, fabric, colour, installations…

I’ve also looked for disciplines people I know are skilled at (that I have some sort of understanding of already) so that I can learn from them. These include: Technology, electronics, music (various instruments + singing), creative writing…

That being said, I think the two disciplines I would like to work with are electronics and quilting/textiles. They’re fairly diverse, so it should be exciting to see what comes of it!


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