Teaching Talia

Simon Waterfall Lecture NOTES

Posted on: March 10, 2011

Start with your passion.
Learn, learn, learn.
Thinking outside the box.
Identify a gap and fill it creatively.
Creative marketing- finding a point of difference and a point of interest.
“We have a healthy disregard for the way things work”
‘different types of designers’
Digital design- bridge between designing something beautiful and the sign post telling you where it is.
Passion to tell stories and be creative

Being specialised on how that story is told- this will effect the message.
It colours the importance, order, and the viewer’s reaction.
You can use that in your design when you x disciplines. The variation in disciplines can add to the experience.

The web doesn’t work well in isolation. No one nowadays gets info in isolation. They IM while they watch TV etc.
People today do things in a multi-discipline way, and expect messages, branding etc to join up with all the other areas about the product.
This is the basis.

All the areas on your product need to emulate each other.
Your point of difference is your ‘extra-curricular’ activities. They are the things that make you different and give your personal edge.
What normally isn’t taught- collaboration. People are generally competitive, but in reality we rarely do projects on our own. Who has ALL the skill sets they need, and is an expert in all of them?
People need to have the language to speak to people from other disciplines and understand how they can link together, so that they can work as a cohesive team.
Use to do things singularly- one thing, then the next thing, then the next etc.
It’s a necessity to now do things quickly and work easily with other people who have the skills we need to finish a project.
Everyone needs to a multifaceted designer, continually learning new skills and understanding how different processes work.
At the core- I’m a story teller. It’s about communication.
Getting people to work together is an art. Sometimes the most interesting people are the quitest.
Being a good communicator doesn’t necessarily make you a good designer, and vice-versa.
The skills aren’t normally in the same package. That’s why you need a group of different people, who don’t have the same skill set.
When you see a new, X-dis project you have the ‘awe’ you had a child, and you’re generous with your praise. If you see something that you know you could do yourself, then you will either see it as something better then what you could do, or worse.
You need good-will and good spirit to work together properly as a team. Everyone needs to work together.

Increase in offline creative skills becoming content for online creative skills.
Community online. “Community is Kinger”.
99% of the online awesomeness is ‘found’ work- collections of things people have found on the web. Only 1% is created work.
The difference between collation and creation has never been this big.
Ex: Buying a new font vs. making a new font.
Ex: Buying new packaging vs. making new packaging.
Things you have DONE.
Creativity OUTSIDE design studios is at the top.


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