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Relief Teaching

Posted on: February 17, 2011

Monday was my first day relief teaching! I was amazed at 1) How rusty I am, but also 2) How easily things flowed and how I did ‘teacher things’ without thinking!

Sometimes it is so interesting how God makes life work out. This first day of relief teaching was for my friend, Rachel’s class. She was sick (*sad face*), but had left me a heap of things for them to do. It was great because I texted/twittered her questions through the day. The perfect ease-in to full time teaching.

The things that I keep thinking of is how natural it felt to be solely responsible for the class. I gave the teacher-aide instructions, directed the kids, etc. etc. Overall it was a really positive experience. I hope Rachel is happy with the work we did, and the her schools asks me back the next time someone is sick!

Reflections of the day. Year One:


Behaviour Management:

I used the ‘clapping’ technique a fair bit to get their attention. This worked super well first thing in the morning, because every child knows it, and responds almost without thinking.

I tried to use positive reinforcement. It worked a fair bit, but when they were restless it wasn’t so effective.

The kids seemed to respond REALLY well as soon as we did something the same way their teacher does it. For example: They explained that when they have sheets to hand out someone stands at the front and hands it to kids who are sitting up nicely. Well, I wish I knew this trick at the beginning of the day, because they all just popped up out of their slouches and smiled brilliantly at the student I’d picked to hand things out!! It was amazing!

Note to self: Next time spend a few minutes before each activity asking, “How does Mrs W get you to hand out sheets?” etc.

I used the teacher’s stickers and prizes system that was already in place (the children explained it to me, as had the teacher in their notes for the day).


Half way through the day I realised that I was giving too many instructions at once. I guess I wasn’t thinking about how young they are. In the last session, when we were doing an activity I explained the activity, then gave them one instruction. This seemed to work well. They responded well to be very strict instructions, which was interesting, and makes sense. They’re still learning how to actually BE  student, and how to manage their learning, so giving them specific instructions for learning is important.




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