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Building your blog’s voice

Posted on: August 24, 2010

I’ve been reading these two article (this and this) over at Pro Blogger. Here are my notes:

Voice is the tone your posts come across in. The tone I want for my blog is: friendly.

To help with this tone I will picture key people when I write: Luke, Rachel, Carmen.

I will write posts (multiple posts maybe??) when I am in the right ‘bloggin mood’.

Once I’ve written a post I will wait a few hours (preferrably the next day) before I post so that I can check the ‘mood’/’tone’ (VOICE) my blog is written in.

My style guide: Always have a picture, include scanart whenever possible (even as borders etc), link to people who’ve commented.

Always share my opinion- anything to engage my audience and cause discussion

Write funny thing- include little ‘laughs’ in posts etc- be light hearted. Maybe take the mickey out of myself a bit?

Find my niche- by unique. Perhaps this is the scanart posts? I really like them… not sure about others??


1 Response to "Building your blog’s voice"

I found this blog post to be very good. I have already gone through and read many of your articles. They are amazing!

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