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Medicinal Herbs

Posted on: August 17, 2010

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Name of Herb and Medicinal Uses

Angelica – This herb boasts antibacterial and antiseptic properties. Dry the leaves to make an herbal tea used to increase energy, reduce flatulence, and stimulate blood circulation.

Sweet Basil—Steep the basil leaves in water to make an herbal tea that is used as an herbal remedy for indigestion. As a cold oil, it is used to massage sore muscles. Basil is used in a variety of recipes.//

Calendula –The flowers are pretty and useful. Steep flowers in water to make a mouthwash good for the gums. Creams are made from calendula petals and plantain leaves to heal cuts and wounds.

Catnip—Renowned for its mild sedative properties (for cats and humans.) The herb tea is taken as a natural cold remedy, fever reducer, and herbal remedy for headache and upset stomach.

Chamomile –Has sedative properties and steeped in water to make an herb tea, is used as a sleep inducer. It’s popular in crèmes to treat rough, dry skin.

Common Yarrow—The herbal tea is taken as a natural cold remedy, for flu and to reduce fever. As a natural cold remedy, yarrow is often used in combination with elderflower and peppermint. Make the flower petals into a cream to treat cuts.

Coriander—Has sedative properties. The herbal tea is used as a sleep or calming aid.

Feverfew—Chewing up to 5 leaves per day is suggested for home remedy for headache (migraine). As an herbal tea, it is taken to reduce fevers or prevent muscle spasms.

Horehound—Mixed with honey as a sore throat remedy.

Hyssop—As an herbal tea, its used as a natural cold remedy and home remedy for sore throat.

Peppermint–Crushed leaves put in boiling water are used as an air freshener and an inhalant to loosen phlegm. It’s also a flavoring.

Echinacea Purpurea (Purple Coneflower)—These are beautiful in flower beds and attract butterflies. When steeped in water, it is used as an immune system stimulant.

St. John’s Wort—Has sedative properties. Often prescribed as herbal remedy for depression.

Thyme—As an herbal tea with honey, it is used as a sore throat remedy and for scratchy coughs. It is used in a variety of food recipes.

Valerian—The Valerian root has sedative properties and is used to treat anxiety. Made into a crème, it becomes a home remedy for acne and skin rashes.

How to plant a medicinal herb garden

If you choose to plant herb seed, start them indoors in small pots with a fluorescent light on them or in a location to get sunlight. Put a very thin layer of soil over the herb seed; they don’t need to be deep. Sow approximately six weeks before the last frost in your zone. Water sparingly and carefully to avoid dislodging the tiny herb seed. Two weeks prior to the last scheduled frost, begin hardening your transplants off by gradually exposing them to the outdoors a few hours at a time each day. Wait to plant until after the last frost for your region. You can grow your plants directly in the outdoor herb garden, in a raised bed (best in my opinion), or transplant them into larger pots for a container garden.

For transplants purchased at the garden center, tilt the pots gently to remove the herb plant with as little disturbance to the roots as possible and plant them after the last frost for your area. Water thoroughly after planting. Cloudy days or at dusk are better times to transplant instead of the heat of the day to reduce plant shock. The most effective herbal remedy begins with a healthy, thriving medicinal herb garden.


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