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eAssessment and the AQTF

Posted on: May 12, 2010

Yesterday I participated in a session on E-assessment and the AQTF (you may need to be signed in to view that link…?).

Anyway, Professor Victor Callan was the main speaker. You can listen to the session in Eluminate if you follow the link above.

He spoke a bit on the findings of the E-assessment and the AQTF report (download link).

Reflections on the content delivered:

We’re just preparing for our next audit now (STRESS), so this was really informative to get a good idea of where our e-assessment stands.

That being said, I think they stand up pretty well. We have a rigorous process for validation (passwords on exams, must be supervised, declarations by student and supervisor etc)., and I understood that other organisations might not have all of those processes in place.

The speaker, Professor Callan was very informative, and he did a really good job of validating our love for online assessments, whilst showing us things from an auditor’s perspective, and addressing all the concerns and ideas of the people there.

Reflections on the Eliminate session:

This has been the largest Elluminate session I’ve ever been in, and it worked just as well the smaller ones I’ve done (we do two people ones at work).

This session was really focussed on people participating via the microphone, which was different to any other session I’ve been in. I think people were much more willing to ask questions when they could just write it. I totally understand this too- I am always a little daunted by the fact that everyone can hear me (and trying to get the technology to work!).


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