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SCAMPER take 2

Posted on: May 10, 2010

So, after last week’s SCAMPER introduction, we looked at it again this week.

During the week I had made some mini-posters to put up in the room as prompts for staff, and also as reminders for when we’re working through the process.


You can download the resource pack here.

Reflections on the Teaching Process:

Earlier in the morning Graham had spoken to me about a problem he had with the introductions to subjects. We nutted out what specifically the problem was, and decided to use this as our focus for this week’s SCAMPER teaching. It was really powerful to have this real-life problem we were trying to solve. We ended up with an entire whiteboard FULL of ideas. Some went a little off track, but we still recorded them and decided we would talk about those in more detail later. I think that managing the process like this- keeping people on track etc. is vital in any creative thinking process wehre you have ‘rules’ to follow.

Having the prompts on the wall worked well, because people could read and soak the questions in at their own pace, and still be involved in the conversation. I think it was important that i was the ‘scribe’ as I had a clear idea of where we were headed with it already, and could devleop a big of a mind-map to record our thoughts. I wrote on a blank whiteboard, and having this big space was pretty important for two reasons:

1. I need a LOT of space to write everything down.

2. Everyone could clearly see/read the points already discussed.



Some staff members didn’t really participate, which was dissapointing. Even when they were called upon directly they didn’t have anything to say. This was frustrating, because I had no idea if they were understanding the SCAMPER process or not. To combat this next time I am going to ask them frequently if they have a suggestion, that way they can’t just sit there and not participate. It’s a different ball game with staff, as opposed to students. You can just be disappointed in them and not let them go out to lunch until they participate! Lol



Reflections on the SCAMPER process:

I found that by the time we got to “E” and “R” we had already covered them (partly). This was because of the natural ‘flow’ of the thought process- one thing leading to another. Sometimes when we adapted things we accidentally eliminated things… etc.

I would definitely use this again, and will continue to teach the session over and over until we have full participation, and people are using it of their own accord.

I found that some of the steps weren’t as relevant to our situation as others. When this happens to people, do they just look at it briefly and ignore, or are we just not looking hard enough at the step?



The resource pack includes:

  • SCAMPER pdf with focus questions for each letter.
  • Titles page to cut out and place under letters.

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