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Thinking About Yawns

Posted on: May 5, 2010

Part One:
Gladwell refers to three types of processes he believes influence the spread of ideas in our culture:
The Law of the Few (connectors, mavens, salespeople)
The Stickiness Factor
The Power of Context

Give a personal example of one of these three after reading the descriptions in the Innovation Labs summary in Lecture 6.

I’m going to give you an example which happened to me JUST NOW! It happened while I was reading this lecture, and I got to these lines:

“The truth is: there is no difference between:
a) having an idea and not doing anything with it, and
b) not having an idea at all.”

I read it, and I just had this revelation. Wow. I have used my ‘ability to have creative thought’ as a bit of an excuse/justification for not actually DOING creative things with my life. When I get to the end of the week and I haven’t done anything creative, at least I can tell myself, “Well, you do THINK creatively, just because you didn’t do anything… that’s okay.”

I realised from reading this, that that’s NOT okay! It’s not an excuse. All the bags/crafts/paintings/creative ways of making subjects/present ideas, they never get done, so the idea is wasted.

I think the reason why this stuck with me so much is because it struck an emotional cord with me. I was personally challenged by this statement, and almost offended by it (until I realised it was the truth!!). I think that the emotional response really adds to the ‘stickiness’ factor.

Part Two:


You are not being asked to read the whole excerpt from Made to Stick in the link above, just the section (scroll halfway down) defining the Six Principles of Sticky Ideas. The authors use the acronym SUCCESS to summarise what they consider key aspects of creating “sticky ideas” –


Choose one of these six topic headings and give a personal example of a creative idea you have had which has been influenced by that topic heading.


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