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Introducing SCAMPER

Posted on: April 30, 2010

Today I introduced the SCAMPER method to our staff today. I wasn’t completely familiar with it myself, but had done some research during the week, and prepared a keynote presentation to work through the steps.

Reflections on the ‘teaching’ process

As a whole, i was relatively happy with how the session went. I felt like my performance wasn’t the best, but the outcomes of the session (from discussion with people later) gave me insight into how things could have been done better, and that maybe things weren’t as bad as I thought they were initially after I was done. I was prepared with the presentation, which included the focus questions for each aspect of SCAMPER. This helped me to keep the session moving, and gave it a difinitive end as well.

*After the session I had a discussion with Luke about why people weren’t very involved (the session very much relied on people interacting and being involved). He suggested that it could have been a confidence thing- people weren’t yet familiar with the process, so weren’t sure what type of answers were required/acceptable. Also, the problem/issue wasn’t defined well enough at the beginning. Also, because people weren’t 100% confident with these two things, the topic/issue changed part way though. If I did this again I would make sure that I was consitent with the topic/issue, so that we could process it properly.

I changed two parts of my plan half way through. The first was the topic/issue, explained above, which just sort of… happened, because I let other people ‘lead’ it, and didn’t take control of their responses. The second was the actual structure of the session. I thought that using an example to explain the different steps would be better, and put it into context. On reflection I think that this is true, but it wasn’t wise to ask the participants to engage in the presentation. This first session should have been much more informative, and less interactive. If I had of done it this way then I would have got more confident answers when we did an example.

Even though I felt a bit flustered and un-composed throughout the presentation, Graham (boss) could see the potential of the SCAMPER method, and asked that I continue to follow up with more SCAMPER lessons to practice. I’m doing that next week (7/5/2010)

Reflections on the SCAMPER method

I think the SCAMPER method will be really beneficial for us at ELA. A core aspect of our business is thinking of new, alternate ways to do online training, and this is the perfect tool for modifying and improving current ways of doing things.


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