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Combined Divergence and Mind Maps

Posted on: April 30, 2010

Combinatorial Creativity, then, is a design process in which two or more concepts are combined to create an entirely new product

Divergent Thinking gives a variety of solutions to a given problem (and so is associated with creative thinking), whereas convergent thinking gives fully determined conclusions drawn from given information

Guilford (1967) found divergent thinking to be composed of four factors:

Fluency: the ability to produce many ideas
Flexibility: producing a wide variety of ideas
Originality: producing novel ideas
Elaboration: adding value to existing ideas

Convergent thinking is oriented towards deriving the single best (or correct) answer to a clearly defined question.

One of the most important aspects of convergent thinking is that it leads to a single “best” answer, and thus leaves no room for ambiguity: Answers are either right or wrong

1. What are your initial thoughts on a creative person you might chose for your Case Study in Project 3, and why does that particular person come to mind?

The person I am thinking of doing my report on is my brother, Rhys Rodgers. http://rhysrodgers.com/

He comes to mind because he is the most creative person I know. He is an author, poet and actor (to name a few). Thse are all great creative expressions, but one of the main things that causes me to choose him is the PASSION with which he lives his entire life, and the way that he choose for every single part of that life to be creative and unique.

2. Describe a current creative thinker of influence, and say why you think they have made an impact on our world, in relation to Amabile’s Three Components of Creativity – expertise, creative thinking skills and motivation.

A current creative thinker who fits this criteria is Tom Wujec. Tom has a great amount of expertise in thinking of creative solutions and systems. This main area of expertise is helping other people think creatively, and this is his motivation behind this individual work, and the work of his software company.

You can listen to a TED talk by Tom here: http://www.ted.com/talks/tom_wujec_build_a_tower.html and here: http://www.ted.com/talks/tom_wujec_on_3_ways_the_brain_creates_meaning.html

In terms of Motivation, Tom is fantastic. As a speaker he has motivated many people to embrace their creativity, and think differently. In his primary work space as well he is an avid motivator of staff and relies on motivating these people to keep his business running smoothly.

Tom has a wide range of creative thinking skills that he uses to find creative solutions to a variety of problems. This is his area of expertise (creative problem solving).


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