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CREATIVE PORTFOLIO B – Comparative Analysis

Posted on: April 21, 2010

CREATIVE PORTFOLIO B – Comparative Analysis – Due Pt 1: Sunday May 9 / Pt 2: Sunday May 16

You will discuss, analyse and compare your selected case studies as a group.

1. Go into your Team area by clicking the Teams button on the left of screen. You will see a private discussion thread in your Team Talk and Feedback area entitled CREATIVE PORTFOLIO B Discussion.

2. You should begin this task by reading your other team members’ research reports. You can easily find these by looking in your team mates’ portfolios.

3. See if you can draw any similarities in the approaches, methodological processes and creative relationships between each project. Post your thoughts for your teams’ comments. The good thing is you will be able to speak with the person who wrote each report in case you need clarification of anything.

4. As a team, choose one additional report by a student not in your team to add to your analysis. This must be only one report for the entire team, discuss which you would like to examine.

5. When examining each report, remember to look for similarities and contrasts in the areas you wrote about in the report, but focus on the Creative Processes or methodologies used. In other words, HOW was each project planned, undertaken and completed, in particular where disciplines crossed over. Are there common themes in the projects that tie them together?

6. Through discussion with your team mates, see if you can come up with a list of bullet points that summarise any prevalent commonalities or notable contrasts.

7. Reflect upon these connections in light of your recent lectures, Drawing from Life: The Journal as Art, Creativity, Collaboration and Emerging Online Trends and in particular, the new lecture, Art and Design Management in Cross-Disciplinary Contexts. Do these lectures help your analysis?

8. When you think your team has organised its thoughts, you must produce a short report outlining any commonalities you found in the creative processes of the case studies, in the way the people worked together, communicated, conceptualised and collaborated. Also note any significant differences. This report is to be 2 pages maximum, and can be in any form that best communicates your information. Organisation of the content of the report is up to your team. Highlight the information as succinctly and clearly as you can. The discussion leading up to the report will also be considered in the assessment, so think of this document as a concise summary of what has been said.

TIP – Teams in the past used many different approaches to communicate their ideas, from tables, graphic diagrams, mind maps and text. The choice is yours, but please discuss with your team at the start!

You should post your final report to your team Pin-up Wall. To upload follow the steps below:
1. Once inside your team area, choose Team Pin-up Walls from the Features drop down menu in the middle of the screen. Choose the wall called CREATIVE PORTFOLIO B – Comparative Analysis.

2. Click the green Upload new file button near the left of the screen. Choose your file by clicking the Choose file button (Browse on a PC) and browse your hard drive for the file you wish to upload.

3. Make sure you clearly title your file and add a description about the work, then click the Upload file button.

Once submission of each team’s analysis is complete after the due date, you are to compare and contrast other teams’ reports with your own in the Message Board thread called CREATIVE PORTFOLIO B – Comparison Discussion. You should consider the points you had to consider in your own reflections when viewing other people’s work. Also think about the following points in your review:

– Can you see similarities in everyone’s comparative reports?
– Are there any significant differences? Why do think this is?
– What conclusions can you begin to draw from the process you have just undertaken?

You should have your team’s report in the Pin-up Wall by this time. Don’t forget though the discussion over the next few weeks with your team is just as important as the final report!

PEER REVIEW DUE: End Week 9 Sunday May 16
You should have compared and discussed each teams’ report in the Message Board thread called CREATIVE PORTFOLIO B – Comparison Discussion by this time.

– Effective and timely contribution to team discussion
– Detail and accuracy of comparative analysis of case studies
– Succinct summary of commonalities and differences in report
– Clear layout of report and good use of language
– Effective and timely contribution to peer review


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