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Posted on: March 14, 2010

apple 7-photoshop

Apple 2:
Mixed Media- digital painting plus photography. This was created using Photoshop.

This apple is based from an apple picture I found on google and then I painted over the top of it.
When I was experimenting I started out with just drawing my own apple, and that was good for some techniques, but as I wanted to try a more ‘realistic’ look of an apple, I thought it was best to actually base it off a photo and not just my memory/imagination.

I also tried to keep some of the original photo in the final pieces. To achieve this I used layers, and different transparencies. The smudge tool was definitely my friend in this piece!  The actual photo isn’t smudged at all though- it’s in a separate layer. The reason I did this was to keep that realistic aspect too it. If I had it in the same layer as the rest the texture and speckles that it has would have been lost.

I was surprised at how well this turned out. I had tried to do a similar effect earlier and it was pretty dodgy… but, I guess I just learnt from my mistakes and it improved! In this attempt I made sure I smudged longer and more. I smudged everything about 4 times over. Also, basing it off the real apple, and including the actual photograph into the picture helped.


Apple 1:
Digital painting/colouring. This was created using Illustrator

Sometimes it just happens that the first thing you do is one you like the best. I tried using different techniques and ‘improving’ this image, but when all was said and done, I just really like this one…!

I think it’s very ‘me’. I’m not a neat or orderly painting, and I’m a bit ‘abstract’, and that’s the feel I get from this image. I drew the apple from memory, and coloured in realistic, but slightly exaggerated colours.

Some techniques I used here were layers and transparencies. I was also using Illustrator, and this weekend was the first time I’ve used it! Have been playing with almost constantly for the last few days though… Also, I did this using my new tablet, so that was a new experience- definitely made the ‘strokes’ of the pen more fluid and direct.

I didn’t want there to be any smudging or blurring in this- I really wanted to keep the colours pure and focus on the transparencies to give different looks and ‘blend’ the colours. The white for the sunshine is one of my favourite bits, as well as the leaf.


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