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Creative Portfolio A: Research Report

Posted on: March 9, 2010

Important Aspects:

This first stage of your Creative Portfolio focuses on providing you with a sound knowledge of some existing cross-disciplinary creative processes currently being used by artists and designers. This project asks you to investigate, analyse and reflect upon these processes and connections in relation to your own creative practice, in preparation for the next phase of your Creative Portfolio in the following core which will see you applying this knowledge in your own cross-disciplinary project.

You will choose one cross-disciplinary art or design project to investigate in depth as a case study, in order to begin to understand how cross-disciplinary creative practice can be implemented. Note, the project is the focus of this research task, rather than the practitioner.


1. Identify a cross-disciplinary art or design project that you wish to investigate.

2. Let everyone know what I’m doing in the forum. Can’t do the same as anyone else. Make sure you include: name of the project, a sentence or two of what the project is, and the artists and/or designers involved.

3. Write a 2000 word (maximum) illustrated report detailaing:

1. Project aim?

-Why was this project undertaken?

-What was it trying to achieve?

-Why was it needed?

2. Project description

– The time frame of the project

– The disciplines involved

– Context (conceptual, location, political etc)

– Physical or operational qualities.

3. Key collaborators

– Give a quick background summary for each artist / designer in the project

– Identify the individual discipline area(s)

4. Creative process

–  How was the project created?

– What processes did the collaborators undertake?

– Why did they need to collaborate?

– What were the phases in the project’s development?

– What problems or challenges arose and how were these solved?

– Supply examples of sketches or journals that you may find to illustrate this.

It doesn’t have not necessarily be in this order…

Assessable Criteria

– Appropriateness of chosen case study

– Depth of Analysis and logical presentation of ideas

– Addressed required points in report

– Correct citation


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