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Posted on: February 25, 2008

So today has been a really good day for me in regards to researching more on e-learning. I am loving all the information I am soaking up, and will focus on all this a little more when I get home tonight. But the main thing that has become really apparent to me is that podcasting might just be a great tool in my particular area.

A friend on mine, Sue, has this great illustration of how podcasting can work well in TAFE.

I am inclined to use pod-o-matic, at least for the time being, as this is what Sue uses and recommends.

Being trained in Primary School teaching, all this TAFE stuff is quite different to what I’m use to, but working with apprentices now has meant that I’ve had to get really involved and  work it out. I am finding that I am REALLY enjoying working with TAFE students, and could definitely see myself doing more and more in this area. I will let you all know when my podcasts are up and running, and you can find out lots about electricity!


1 Response to "Podcasts"

Shame I missed this link yesterday. An alternative to podcasting would be to use a Ning site. My mate Simon Brown – who I believe may work for the RTO you are talking about (he is based at Eagle Farm, in Queensland) – is using Ning with his Stone mason students (here is his Ning community for his students. Definitely worth visiting Simon as he is doing some really cool things and really pushing the boundaries with his stone mason apprentices based around Queensland.

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