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Pay Attention

Posted on: February 25, 2008

To properly start my new e-learning theme, I’ve got some food for thought.

This is a youtube video that talks about today’s learners. Quite interesting. But I find that I am cynical with these things because I don’t thing that my apprentices at work are like that at all… Some of them are less tech-savy then the preps I had last year. But maybe this is because they are more generation Y then X or Z?



1 Response to "Pay Attention"

Now would you like a cool story about this video? Well it has been incredibly popular. As a result of the video I ended up subscribing to Darren’s blog (Drapes Take), with time we started exchanging emails (me nagging him about questions), then Skype and Google Tallk. Now we are really good friends and help each other out.

What can I say – Darren’s great and so is his blog. I love the video – agreed the whole digital natives – digital immigrants debate is actually a misconception. I’ve got a post on my blog that talks about these misconceptions and the dangers.

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