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An Abrupt End

Posted on: August 6, 2007

I think it’s about time I posted on here that I am not doing my internship.

I’d wish I could say that it’s because I decided that I needed a break, but it’s not. I failed Numeracy, and so next year I will be doing one subject and then my internship. By that time I will be married (yay!) and I’ve decided that I will work a full time job while I do that last subject, then take time off for internship.

I’m hopefully going to get a teacher aide position. Fingers crossed. If it’s the right thing to do it will happen, and if it’s not then it won’t. At the moment I’m doing work for my dad which is keeping me occupied and paid.

If I get a t.a job then I will keep writing this blog as a teacher aide blog, and if I don’t, and have to get a job somewhere else then I will let you know and won’t blog in this blog again until I get either a t.a job, or am doing my internship.

So I hope you’ve enjoyed the resources and reflections that have been on this blog, and hopefully there’ll be more to come!


1 Response to "An Abrupt End"

Aah, a year has passed and you’re well one your way to finishing your internship. It’s already been 2 and a bit weeks and you’re loving it! (well, compared to your last one anyway)

You passed Numeracy this year, and finish uni completely in just a couple of weeks. After that you have a job lined up working for your Dad’s new business, creating eLearning courses.

You are married to a husband that loves you more than anything, you are living in a great (albeit messy) house, have great friends, a great relationship with God and a really cute puppy who is growing up really fast!

Hooda thunkit?

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