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Posted on: July 23, 2007

Today was a really good day, and I was proud of myself. During second break it rained, and so the outside play that was planning couldn’t go ahead. I spoke to Jenny about it, and then decided to work on the big house we’re making. In the groups I took out we drew up plans, and moved around the boxes. We spoke about what rooms were important, how we wanted the doors and windows to be, and what we would use for various aspects. It worked really well. The kids were really excited about it, and I let them move through the house and explore the rooms so that their excitement about the project was heightened, and so that they were more and more keen on doing more work on it.

I felt that the art lesson that I did at the end of the day was a HUGE success. I was so glad and proud that it worked out and that the children created such brilliant prints. I would love to do more art with the children. I am trying to think of ways to incorporate it into other things that we’re learning about. But I do think that art skills are important to learn even all by themselves.

I have received a fair few parent help forms now, and have made up a vague timetable of when people are available. I will talk to Kenny about contacting one or two parents about helping with perceptual motor rotations this Friday. See if she thinks that that’s too soon or whatever.

I want to do some cooking with the kids soon. I think that would be great. I am not quite sure how to bring it in yet… maybe ANZAC biscuits because we’re learning about what’s around us in

I was also really glad that I was able to help Jenny and Margie this morning with the photos. I had never seen that program before, and so it was good that it did what I expected it too! I would love to get in and clean up all those photos, but there’s just not enough time in the day, or in my case the night either…

The kids are really into their play at the moment. Which is good. This morning they didn’t need anyone helping them either. I went out and ‘did the rounds’ and was so pleased to see James and Jayden had created car parks on the concrete for their trucks! It’s great that they’re moving forward with it. I want to take them for a walk around
Chancellor Park later in the week so that we can have a look, as a class, at some road signs and things like that. Then hopefully we can be applying more real life aspects to our play!

During play, inside, Ben, Tommy and Elyce were making a museum out of blocks. They even put little dinosaurs inside and things like that! It was really quite spectacular. I took lots of photos!


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