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Thursday Reflection

Posted on: May 3, 2007

Jenny is away because it’s her daughter’s wedding on Saturday. Fiona was the sub, and she continued what Jenny had been doing all week- testing.

In my non-contact time in the morning I put together the kids ‘brain books’. This shows their progress of learning about the brain so far this term and moves into smart pizza as well.

We finished off a reflection sheet from the smart pizza activities that we did yesterday. The majority of kids understood about circling the faces to represent how they felt about an activity. Some kids circled two if they liked it (the smiley and the straight line) which I guess could indicate that they were in between? Some circled the sad and smiley faces- this was just confusing and they told me either one or the other when I asked them about it later.

Jenny organised a bit of a card for me, which I got the kids to stick bits onto and write their names in after they’d finished. Don’t you just love writing cards to yourself?

We did rotations after first break, here’s how they went.

Memory:  They’ve played memory before and so it was easy because I didn’t have to explain it or anything, just re-cap the rules. I was thinking it would be good to maybe modify it a bit so that they can learn and see how that happens,but I couldn’t think of a simple mod, so I left it.

Playdough: I’ve made playdough a few times, but this time instead of just writing their own names I thought it would be a bit more challenging to get them to write someone else’s name. They sort of did. They copied off the name tag dolphins, which was fine. It was what I expected them to do. The thing I find with the playdough though is that they like to make things with it, not write them, and so they get distracted easily.  Perhaps doing this when there are two adults would be good so that more of an eye can be kept on them? Or maybe even LETTING them make things out of it- surely that’s a good motor skill?

Letter H picture match: Starts With H: They quite liked this one (the pictures in this document might be a little off center… beware!). I had to be with the kids quite a lot for this one- sounding out all the words for them because they weren’t getting it before I did that. But that’s okay. A lot of kids really enjoyed it and got the majority right which is a good thing! The reason I did H is because we had just done the letter H earlier in the week for Letterland and I wanted to make it relevent for them.

Connex Stuff: SO many kids like puzzles and they had shown that to me in the smart pizza stuff we did yesterday. So I decided to make something similar part of the rotation. I noticed the other day that there are big blocks and those pieces of stuff that connect (I am calling them connex) in boxes. I thought that was using the same idea of puzzles- creating things, solving problems etc., but in something different to what they had done other times. They would have liked more time on this, I can tell, but a few kids really got into it and managed to make things in the time they had. Andre made a cube, just without the front and back which I thought was rather impressive. He had told me that he was going to make a square earlier when we were explaining it, and it was good to see him actually do it and they way that he did was interesting as well.

For the smart pizza ‘rotations’ that I’d been doing I was afraid that the kids might start to get confused between that and normal rotations. So this afternoon when I did smart pizza rotations I  put an “X” on the board instead of a Cross. This made it nice and clear for them. I think this was a good idea.

The activities that I chose for smart pizza this week were in the same smart categories, just different activities. I did this because I wanted to see if they chose and liked activities because it was fun for them, or because they were actually smart in that area.

We did snap, collage, writing a book, and shape jumping. I am yet to go through what they actually did and whether it was the same as last time, but it will be interesting to find out. I ran out of time for the smart pizzas a bit, and so I thought that I would finish that off properly tomorrow.


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