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Wednesday Reflections

Posted on: May 2, 2007

Overall feeling of today: *nods head* yep, pretty good.

I started the day by reading “The Rainbow Fish” by Marcus Pfister. I ‘read’ the book using just the pictures first, and then read the words. This took up a fair amount of time, but it was a really good book to get them thinking about sharing. Lately in their play I had been noticing people snatching and not wanting to share, and so I thought this was a good book to read to them to highlight how good it is to share. We brainstormed briefly what we can do to share during our play, and they responded well. I think they got it.

We had snack early and then got stuck into play. Once again I was running the show and it was pretty hectic. After first break Jenny told me that some girls had asked to paint themselves, this sent her on an expedition to get face paint, or at least permission to use regular paint. We got a thumbs up for the second option, and so got to it. It was fun, and quite therapeutic to paint their faces. Some of them weren’t the best, but I realised that they were probably better then some other people could do.

The kids really enjoyed being animals (they always do). The only problem is that it causes a few problems later in the day, when we’re not animals anymore. Today it didn’t though, which was good. I think it was because they were doing more structured things, but with a bit of flexibility. There wasn’t an option to be like an animal, and the things they COULD do were interesting enough to keep them occupied.

After second break I did my Smart Pizza Choices A lesson. It went REALLY well. I was so happy with the way that they just rotated though them themselves and didn’t make it difficult or anything like that. I took lots of notes and things, which was good. It was interesting that some kids chose to stay at the one thing practically the whole time, and others changed through them all, and again some changed only once. I will do the reflection part of the lesson tomorrow- this was Jenny’s recommendation, and what I’m going to do.


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