Teaching Talia

Monday Reflection

Posted on: April 30, 2007

Monday morning Jenny was away and so I had the run of the class. I knew that an obstacle course had been set up outside, that’s what we usually do on Monday mornings, and so the sub and I ran through that in the morning, after a little introduction. I was amazed at how she didn’t really know what was going on. I guess in this situation it’s a bit hard, becuase I am here acting like the teacher and they come in and it’s just a mix of different plans and different people and they don’t really know what’s going on.

So I instructed the morning and we played outside for a while to burn off some crazy energy that they had. Break and into play planning and play.

Play went well- Linda was out with the cafe in the morning and she taught them about setting the table etc. this was really great, and I think that with play I should try and do more of that. I was a bit lost to be honest when it came to the cafe. There is SO much work in play that I never realised was there!

We kept playing after lunch, and then stopped because we had heard that the buddies were coming down to finish off the friendship posters. Only a few came down, which meant that I had about half the class still on the carpet. I couldn’t send them off to play because the buddies took up a lot of space and so I had to do a bit of improv. We read a book about George which I knew they had read before and liked. I think that it’s important to read the same books multiple times so that they know how the book works and become familiar with. Besides, if they like it, it will keep them occupied and the more they listen to it the more and more they will understand the lessons in it. An important part of any story.

After second break we had to spend time making a kindness chain. That went well. I had printed out things that they had though up about what kindness is and then made stips of paper out of them. They were good at colouring them in, and again, very quick! We coloured both sides, otherwise it would look very white, and we put it together and it was all good.


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