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Friday Reflections

Posted on: April 27, 2007

Play Day

Today I planned to play for most of the day. I had brought in some cut out ferns which I did over the public holiday. I wanted to try and inspire them to put it together a bit more and work on all that.

My plan was interrupted by the buddies coming down to finish off their kindness posters. My interrupted plans were again changed when only some buddies came down. They were only there for half an hour and so instead of just getting some of them to play, I just read them some kindness stories and we talked about kindness and being friends and things like that.

Bodie and Malakie were being really badly behaved while I was doing this, and Jenny spoke to them very sternly. They were actually off in the area that the buddies were in, even though they weren’t meant to be, that’s the reason I didn’t see them and yell at them myself.

I think that when yelling it’s important that you don’t do it all the time. In fact, with any sort of discipline, if you mix it up and use different strategies all the time then when you use each one they have more impact on the student. They can become a bit blasé I feel to the old yell at them, or even to just ignoring them.

We continued on with play, and some people were really keen on starting up a cafe. I wasn’t sure if this was okay or not, and Jenny wasn’t within ear shot, so I asked them some questions and asked to convince me as to WHY they should have a cafe. With a little prompting from myself they were able to explain that people would be able to look out over the rainforest and eat their food. They wanted to build a road and we talked about where that would be and the possibility of putting a walk way in.

I sometimes have all these great ideas for the rainforest play, and I try to share them with the kids to see if they get excited about it as well, and they don’t. This is disappointing, and part of me just wants to go and do it myself anyway! I am really finding that this play is going really differently to last term. I think it’s because they knew a lot more about Australia Zoo then they know about rainforests. I am still trying to get them to research things online and think about what they’re doing. The museum is a bit of a lost cause, and I am out of ideas as to what to do with that. I will try and encourage them to maybe start a tour, so that people can visit the things in the museum. I have spoken to them about labels and information, but I’m not sure it’s sinking in…


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