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Thursday Reflection

Posted on: April 26, 2007


My rotations today could have been better, but they still worked.

We did the letter F, an obstacle course, a game called numbers, and some vine making.

The first group to do the obstacle course did it outside- Rhys came and set it up for me, which was nice of him. The problem was that Donna couldn’t watch my group all the time when I went inside, and so I quickly modified it for the next group. Instead of the obstacle course I brought them onto the concrete and they did some balance and role playing things. I had to do there for the majority of the time with that one, but that was okay because they were close to everyone.

I had originally planned to have an adult constantly outside with obstacle course, but when that didn’t happen I asked Donna. So it really did need to be modified anyway.

The numbers game went okay- I think they liked it and I modified it a bit so that they could play it as a memory game. The liked this and while some people needed to kept on track and told to take turns the majority of the time they were all playing properly. I will try and do this activity again.

letterland, like always, wasn’t as good as it could be. There really needs to be more time spent on this, and afterwards Jenny and I did talk about maybe trying it as a whole group- not just part of a rotation. I might try that next week.

The vine making was a good idea, and they make it work. Some people are real organisers, Ben and James I notices loved to lead people and tell them what to do. We displayed it in the rainforest after second break, and some people kept some separate to put in the museum. The vines didn’t have that much learning in them, and so were just a way to do some things for the rainforest. I should have thought of a way to incorporate something into it.

After second break we decorated the rainforest a little bit more. They had a few good ideas of where to put them, and seemed excited, but there seems to be just a small group of people who are interested in the rainforest a lot. Ben is one of them. I need to think of ways to get EVERYONE more interested in it.


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