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Monday Reflection

Posted on: April 23, 2007

Today went reasonable well. I have started writing in my teachers journal for reflections, and then meaning to type them up here. As you’ve no doubt noticed I’ve been a bit slack with the reflections of late, but that’s mostly because I’ve been working after school as well and so I am incredibly tired. Plus last week wasn’t the crash hot either- in fact, I was really sad.

I’ve been taking on a bit more responsibility lately, which I’m really enjoying. Today ‘play’ was a but hard- ST allowed me to take it all by myself, and while it was a struggle to take all the kids at once with such a broad, time and effort consuming period of time, it was good as well, because I learnt things.

What I learnt from taking ‘play’ by myself today:

  • It’s easier to manage with another adult in the room.
  • You can’t really work with a small group of kids unless everyone else really knows what they’re doing.
  • It’s easier to do play planning when the children have prior knowledge on the subject.

I really enjoyed doing some computer work with the kids- they get the hang of things really quickly and it’s my passion, so that makes it more enjoyable for me. Am I weird that I feel like computers can rescue me when life gets to tough?

So one of my groups at the computer wanted to research spiders. So we thought about making a spiders web. I had to drive this a fair bit, which in reflection wasn’t so bad- the class is struggling a bit I feel with this play and really needs to get into the ideas of the rainforest a bit more. I’m not sure how to do this… ideas anyone?

Anyway, so we made a spiders web out of wool in the rainforest. We googled spiders web designs and then drew them before we made a really big one on the wall. When I get to school tomorrow I’ll take a picture, and then put it up here. It looks pretty impressive.

We had a reflection time towards the end of the middle session, which was play time. This worked well- we did before we packed up, and I think that the kids are getting more and more into rainforests- it just takes effort.

In the afternoon we did some Smart Pizza stuff where they had to choose an activity that they wanted to do out of anything. 20 out of 22 kids chose to play outside, and two chose to do painting. Those kids are either picture or self smart- we know that much. A lot of the kids who went outside were just copying, and some just wanted to be with their friends. Understandable, and noted (could be body smart)… I went through all the smarts afterwards and it was apparent that they don’t know anything about it. It will take a bit of work to get them to understand it.

I’m not sure how I feel about learning the smarts at this age- I think that they will change and grow a bit, which I’m not sure if that goes with any sort of known theory- but it’s what I think anyway. I know for me I have become a lot more ‘tech smart’ (I know that’s not one, but trust me, it will be) in the last two years. And in the last six months I’ve become a LOT more nature smart. I love the nature smart part of me now, but when I was a self obsessed 13 year old, I couldn’t give a stuff. So I think it’s fair enough to say that things change. Obviously you get better at things- we should all always at least try to be more self smart.


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