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Friday Reflections

Posted on: April 20, 2007

Reflections This week I’ve learnt a lot. I’m not going to go into much detail in my reflections, sorry, I can’t really do that. I knew that these three weeks would be a lot of hard work, and that I would be putting in a lot of effort. I even understood that what I planned for the week would probably get changed around and I’d have to re think what I was doing the next day. What I didn’t anticipate was the way that things get changed around ON the day. That’s really thrown me and put me into a spin a few times.

Towards the end of the week, and today particularly, Jenny has been doing testing and things like that with the kids. This has meant that I am taking the class on my own. I was prepared for this and not prepared for it. I was prepared with activities (though as it turns out, they’re quick finishers, so never enough of those), but not prepared for the ‘thinking on my feet’ needed. That has never been a strength of mine, though in reflection of previous pracs, and just things I’ve done in life, I know that this is something that I generally ‘rise to the occasion’ with.

I am hoping that after a nice weekend with Luke and not working at all I will be refreshed and ready for another week. Next week has another day off- ANZAC day. Looking forward to this!!

Over this week I’ve had many thoughts about not being cut out to be a teacher, but one of my biggest strengths and something that I pride myself on is that fact that I DON’T give up. No matter how hard or tough or how terrible it is, I will never give up. I have been at Uni for two and a half years, I’m not throwing it all way now just because I have to step up my game and start acting like a real teacher.

This first week, and I assume the rest of the week, are really good experience for the internship. THAT will be an interesting experience.


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