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Wednesday Reflection- Brain Conference

Posted on: April 18, 2007

Notes from Jenny’s Brain Conference:

Get them to congratulate themselves for being here and having a smart brain.

  • Clap themselves
  • Clap on your back
  • Round of applause (where the students clap and move their hands in a circle)

Be animated- talk about what’s happening right now, around us, but in relation to the brain.

Q: “Why do we think?” A: “Sometimes I think and I have a questions or a problem- then I think so I can solve it.”

Q: “What would you do if your first thought didn’t fit/work?” A: “Try again!”

Use actions to express question in a different way- Act out what you’re saying, use body language to portray a question, use actions to express the real meaning of the question. Eg: Jog on the spot to demonstrate a question about running. Or, Put on a sad face to demonstrate being sad.

Talk about different things that THEY’VE done, and show how they’re thinking all the time.

“We can have thoughts of our own (Tahlia’s tickets- she was playing and realised she needed tickets and so went and made them- didn’t use inspiration or anyone helping her), and we can be inspired by other things that have happened (Nadia’s butterfly- saw some pictures of beautiful butterflies, and so went and made her own, only more extraordinary. Travis’ bird- he knew that there were parrots in the rainforest and so he went and looked at pictures and then made his own).”

“We can all make the same thing, but they’ll look and be different- each of our brains are different and work in slightly different ways to make us individual.”

Donna did ‘Simon Says’ while Jenny set up. This was a good thinking game because they had to think about what Donna was saying and about where they were meant to put their hands.

Show interactive videos- the kids loved it. To keep in interesting she got them to see the first slide, then they closed their eyes, and when they opened them the dendrite had grown full size! They were in awe and asked to see it again and again. It moved and grew and it was really great. Get the kids to ask questions or if they comment about something run with that as something to explain and talk about a little bit more.


Dendrites grow from neurons (drink water, healthy food, lots of rest to look after them). They grow out when we learn new things. They connect when we learn new things as well.


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