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Tuesday Reflection

Posted on: April 17, 2007

Today was my first day back with the kiddies. It was good… and bad. All at the same time.

I felt really prepared and ready for the day, but as things do, they change. Even the best laid plans sometimes come unstuck, and while I won’t say mine were the best laid, they were still laid quite well.

Good Points: My ‘holiday’ lesson went really well, The kids at year 1 during lunch duty listened to me, I got to spend lots of time with the kids by myself, Donna and I achieved our outcomes for our conference, I learned a lot.

Bad Points: It was stressful, My supervising Teacher (ST) didn’t get to see my great lesson, My middle session didn’t go as planned, the kids didn’t pick up my game as easily as I’d like, plans had to get changed to accomodate different things, I was having to plan things at the last minute because other things changed.

I started off the morning as a bit on an observer- I was comfortable for this, and ready for that option if that’s what happened. My supervising teacher (ST) lead most of that as it was here first day back after three weeks holidays before Easter, and then the holidays as well. The kids were great and took great pride in the work they did while ST was away and showed off their Daring Dolphins book- a book that the substitute teacher had made with them showing them what they had done while she was away.

“My Holiday” Lesson:

I was really happy with how this lesson went. The way that the kids spent time on their pictures was great. I wanted them to draw AND write, and they did that well. Some children didn’t write before I wrote their story- they didn’t want to, so I suggested that they copy some of my words and letters. I figure that the purpose of it is that they’re practicing their letter formations in a meaningful way.

Before that lesson when we were talking about what we did on the holidays two girls said that it was their birthdays on the holidays. I checked on the roll and sure enough it was. I was really proud of myself the way I just went with the flow and we sung happy birthday to them and I asked them what they got for their birthdays. It went really well and the look on their faces made me think that it was special for them as well.

Libary was a bit of a bust up- we weren’t meant to go. Having no experience with this ever happening before I was stressin’ a bit. We took them back and I was instructed what to do. I got over it, but it didn’t add a positive vibe to the day.

Because of having break and ST spending time with them in the morning session I didn’t have time to do free play, which is what I had planned for. So I planned to fill up the time (I was organsing this in the break before) with some games and drawings. They didn’t take to my games- note: When introducing a new game, start with a game or two that you know, and then introduce the new game. Another note is that kids take NO time do things.

My “draw a picture of your brain” lesson was nearly ruined because it went SO quickly. I could see that they were tired and aggitated on the floor and so didn’t keep them to talk about it for long. We went straight into it without much scaffolding (which was the idea really- to see what they knew before the brain conference and what they knew at the start of the term), and so that made it really quick. I improvised and extended the lesson by making them draw where in their body their brain way. I knew that they would all know this already, but it was good to have the evidence of it as well.

The kids are strangely attracted to the new puzzles and seemed to be playing with them every time ST came in- not cool. On a positive note though the kids seemed to really respond to me as their teacher- respecting what I said and listening to me. I know that before, when I was coming once a week they were a little hesitant to come to me, but I think that because I was in those extra days before the holidays, and being back on the first day really helped. I guess the fact that ST was out of the room for a lot of my lesson time made a difference- I was the only one they could talk to.

Brain Conference:

Today was day one of the brain conference that Donna and I have been orgaising. When we had spoken to DT (Donna’s teacher) earlier about the conference she had said that we should make it really simple and short and sweet- they are only 4 and 5 after all. So we aimed it at their level, and they got it- I’m not sure how much they would have learnt, but I will hopefully find out tomorrow. While I’m thinking of it I think it would be good to bring a tape recorder- tomorrow during roll I’m going to ask them what they learnt about the brain at the conference yesterday. Writing it down would take too long, so I might bring along a tape recorder and then I can just scribe it that night- or if I can ever be bothered to learn to transfer tape songs onto a CD, I will do that.

So I we achieved everything we set out to achieve- a KWL (only the K & W parts) and hopefully we can add to that as we go along- a poster in the classroom maybe? If only we had a smartboard

Overall Reflection of the day:

As a whole I think I learnt a LOT. I wouldn’t say my day was a great, brilliant success, but it wasn’t a failure and I still achieved what I set out to do. I guess I went about it in a different way though, and I know that being flexible is an important part of teaching, but changing my timetable around at the last minute isn’t really cool. Hopefully tomorow will go better then today, and I can learn to have more things up my sleave.


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I’m so proud of you baby.

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