Teaching Talia

Week Three Reflections

Posted on: March 21, 2007

Today was a little different then usual, it was Jenny, my Lead Learning Manager’s last day before she goes to Perth for long service leave and so we had a culminating day.

The culminating day was really interesting, the kids were shown three photo stories that Jenny and I had put together about the three major plays that they’d been doing- Wildlife Warriors, Animal Hospital, and the Bindi Show, all part of the Australia Zoo play. The kids knew the songs that were put with it (Bindi songs they’d been listening to all term), and loved to see the pictures of themselves and their friends. I think something that I would love to do when I’m a teacher (and possibly something that I could do in this three week blog I have to teach, or my internship) is to take photos of the kids and display them at the end of the week. They just loved to see themselves, and even their friends. We had it up on a white board- projected there, and so it was nice and big for them to see. It’s also served as a really great tool to show their progression throughout the term in terms of an online portfolio- the photos of them engaging with the tasks and problem solving are great.

If we had a smart board in our classroom it would be excellent because then we could make them together as a class. But even if we had access to a projector, at least then the kids could see what’s happening- though the smart board is better, and easier for them to work with.

Because of the great way that they’ve been playing Australia Zoo I’m going to try and organise for them to meet a real life Wildlife Warrior- aparently there’s contacts in the school and I just have to speak to Danita who does playground duty outside the Prep room at second break on Wednesdays…

It was great to see the kids performing in front of their parents this afternoon, and showing their parents their ‘all about me’ books. Good Stuff. Their ‘all about me’ book was a culmination of some work they’d done when exploring themselves. Pictures and stories they’d done (the stories were obviously written by us, using their words), they were of them being confident, persistent (Connie Confident, Pete Persistence), with their families, etc. It was just to showcase to the parents the work their kids had been doing and also included a ‘report card’ type thing which the parents looked at and could return to Jenny with any questions about… anything really.

At lunch Donna and I sat in on a meeting with Chris and the other Prep teachers about next term and assessment. We learnt heaps and next week I am bringing in my ipod and connector as my USB drive to get it all to help me with this unit I have to plan.

I’ve never really raided a school’s library for resources before, but today Donna and I did. We found some great books which we borrowed out which will hopefully help with our Teaching Reading assessment and prac and other things also.

We spoke to Doug Shaw, one of last year’s graduates who is now a teacher at Chancellor, and he gave us a few tips. Rubistar he recommended for making rubrics and such. I haven’t checked it out much yet but you can be sure that once I have I will write a blog about it so you all know. The other site he let us know about was Connected Learning.


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