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Week Two Reflections

Posted on: March 14, 2007

Today I spent a lot of time working of the kids digital portfolios. I really think that teachers should be skilled up in the technology department. It’s not that hard if you know how. And they should be given crappy Windows computers that are full of useless things… anyway. Something as simple as opening pictures in Windows Picture and Fax Viewer instead of some ugly, useless, pointless photo editing program should be already working on the computers instead of me having to come in and change it. Anyway, this is meant to be a personal reflection on TEACHING.

Today during Bindi play Nadia had an issue with some of the girls not sharing. I’m not entirely sure what it was about because I didn’t intervene. She was upset, but not gone off sulking. Yesterday at Uni Susan Richardson asked the question of us, “Do we sometimes rush to the aid of your students to quickly?” taking this into consideration yesterday I thought that maybe we do. I know that kids are usually fairly resilient and that sometimes you can learn a lot from having to work things out yourself. So when Nadia was faced with this problem that was obviously just a fickle ‘girl problem’, I decided to sit back and watch and see how she coped.

She was sulky for a while, but then others came over to her, she expressed her concern and the next thing you know the other girls were sharing the stage and let Nadia and Elyce (I think it was Elyce…) perform to a song all by themselves! Now, I could have gone in there and told the girls to share, but then what would have happened? I can imagine Nadia learning to rely on others to work out her problems and to always get her own way. I can imagine Madison and Tahlia feeling resent towards Nadia because they’d felt that they’d ‘gotten in trouble’. I know they’re only young, but it’s good for them to learn those co-operation, communication and ‘tactics’ for compromise now while the things they’re having problems with are still trivial.

I was reading through some materials that I bored from Kirsty, a friend of mine and it talked about how children learn best. I thought that I would write those down and then explain how I see them happening in my classroom. Children learn best when they…

Make connections between their diverse prior experiences and learning in the school setting. Students can spend time drawing pictures of their life. Our class does the “You Can Do It” program. Children have to draw pictures of themselves being confident to be like Connie Confident etc. this could also work in with getting them to draw a picture of something original about themselves and getting all the kids to look at each others as a lesson on resilience- Good ol’ Ricky Resilience.

Participate in making decisions. The other week the class was put into their groups. Their only preppies and so their group names were just colours. As a small group of 6 or so students they had to decide on what their group colour would be. They also went though a similar voting process to come up with their group name- The Daring Dolphins.

Make choices and contribute to learning experiences. A great of example of this is when my teacher gets the kids to do a play plan with her. So she asks them what they would like to play and while the discussion is structured and the teacher inputs the majority of ideas and control comes from the kids.

Share their opinions and diverse experiences. The ‘unit’ we’re doing at the moment is ‘all about me’. In that Unit the students get to share about things that have effected them and also their history and the things that they believe. They get to create a presentation that the will present to the class.

Discuss their learning. At the end of a play session, and at the beggining of each play session the students sit down and reflect of their last few plays- what happened, what changed from the previous play etc. And they also plan for the next play. In this they talk about what they will need to learn more about to play more effectively etc.

Learn in a responsive and supportive social environment. The Nadia incident is a good example of the supportive social environment.

Learn through multi-sensory experiences. Not so apparent (as far as I’ve seen) in my class.

Participate actively in experiences that engage them emotionally, physically, cognitively and socially. The “You Can Do It” program is great for pulling together all those different aspects because it looks at all those areas and then inter-relates them.


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